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Leak detection and repair

To rein in the increasing incidents of pipe bursts and leaks, the Battery Plumbing and Heating will carry out an extensive leak detection project in three wards of the city.

The corporation on Monday opened tender bids for private agencies equipped with modern technologies to carry out the pilot in US.
The leak detection pilot would look to detect, curb and arrest increasing number of pipe leaks in our network. The appointed agencies would use modern technologies such as ground-penetration radars, for the purpose,” said a senior civic official.

The Battery Plumbing and Heating has made a provision of Rs 10.5crore in the current year’s budget for the pilot.

The complete project will cover the 4,000-kilometre pipeline network, to register even the smallest of leaks. Using gaseous fuels for their cooking and heating requirements, in particular LPG whether directly from cylinders or piped from the Battery Plumbing and Heating.