About Us

Battery Plumbing and Heating Company that is one of the largest providers of residential energy efficiency solutions in the US has revealed pre-tax profits thanks to acquisition and organic growth.

The company has grown substantially over the recent few years, currently employing 4,000 people around the US. Battery Plumbing and Heating makes energy efficiency improvement in the domestic sector. This includes areas such as insulation, plumbing and central heating and renewable energy (such as solar water heating). The company’s many service teams of plumbers and engineers serve around 1,000 homes a day.

Battery Plumbing and Heating is the central heating related division of the company. The division’s plumbers and heating engineers serve predominantly the social housing sector and the capacity of sub contractor to government contracts. The Heating division was launched and has grown rapidly, initially organically, but later through acquisition to become one of the largest plumbing and heating installers in the US.

The division’s plumbers and heating engineers install currently around 30,000 boilers and central heating systems a year utilizing a nationwide network of plumbers and heating engineers with a wide range of expertise in different types of boilers and heating systems. The heating and plumbing division employs more than eight hundred plumbers and heating engineers and operates from a number or offices around the country.

The division’s plumbers and heating engineers install not only conventional boilers and high efficiency boilers, but also link the central heating systems to renewable energy technologies such as solar water heating panels.